The Morris Turned 3 on June 30!

The Morris Turned 3 on June 30!


…and we had a party…like ya do. After the party, we wanted to share with you, JJ posted the following post, and got these responses to his post:


What a great party we had. Three years, can you believe it!! is always fun to reflect back and remember what a disaster this place was, and how much work, love, and dedication so many have put into it. It is truly a testament to the Burner attitude and the 10 principles we live by. Many might have forgotten, but Kiwi was the guy here who really got those first teams organized, mucking out and bringing this place back to life. In the beginning, this building was like death warmed over. No smiles, no talking, a handful of residents who simply walked around and never looked up to greet each other. Sad. So, Bill Schultz, Alon Atlanta,Michael Sane, Robert Dixon, name that initial dozen… my head is a bit hung over so I’m not thinking well, but what a gang! Look what you started! 3 years ago it was impossible to imagine what would be here today. My hat goes off to all of you for truly creating one of the most amazing spots on the planet.


Ok, so let’s have a roll call…chime in and tell us in a few words how you contributed, I love to see the list, there are so many who have helped…


I love you so much and words cannot express my thanks. The world is truly a better place for your efforts and I think we have showed the world that there is so much more to Burners than a bunch of crazy people in the desert!


Metaphysical (Member # 1013) Happy birthday Morris, and congratulations to everybody who made this magical place happen, especially you Jim Gibson


Joy (original crew… her badge pre-dates member numbers) In a few words…hmmm… I was only a small part of starting a cleaning crew. But I don’t remember it being like death warmed over. I made some amazing friends while I was there and will never forget what it was in the beginning and what we all did to make it what it is now. Robert Dixon, love you man!


(This is the picture JJ is talking about)
(This is Joy riding the floor buffer, almost as big as she is!)


Joy: I see many smiles!

Alien (Member #38 ) Wow, 3 years! I remember when you were still deliberating whether or not you should purchase the property! I became involved with the Mo as head of the DEA ( Department of Extracurricular Activities). We basically were the operations team for all events. A lot of work but loved being an important part of the Morris. I met some amazing people who became wonderful friends. Here’s to many more years! Go Mo!


Mike (Member #140 and current resident) I know you asked for us to add what we did during the “early days” but I still can’t thank you enough Jungle Jim Gibson for making this even possible!! I have many memories from when the rooms were being overhauled but one in particular stands out and that’s when I had the pleasure of helping Vision “Alon Atlanta” with the DaVinci room when it was just room #302. There are many other memories but I’d have to write a book about it haha! I can only speak for myself but when I’m 90 “if I survive that long lol” I’ll look back to this time in my life and it will put a smile on my face!


Michelle (Member #116 and artist for the Sparkle Pony Room) Thank you so much for creating this space Jim! Sorry about all the glitter.


Fu*$@n’ Rob (Member #459) around from the beginning and current resident and maintenance co-manager ) My favorite was throwing things out the third floor windows


Troy (Member #44) Redistributing the buggy bed springs and mattresses. Burned the bed springs at Moon Rocks, and the mattresses when to the carson dump.


Tamz (Member #59) Well I started out by coming and donating clothes for your clothing drive and never left…I helped with cleaning and now I lead our wonderful Steampunk Saloon.


Piney (Member #666) Oh boy, the early days and mandatory gloves and masks. Removing all the little mirror vanity and soups dishes. The wall scrubbing behind the room radiators..gag. And that crazy blackened room….ass nasty. Making the first curtains with Velvetina, Jenny and Ali En. The first parties, bringing in New sets of pretty bedding for us all to sleep over with. Helping JJ with offsetting the high costs of heating the whole place at our get together that first Morris Santa Crawl.


Jenny (Member #135) Happy Birthday to the Mo!!! What a long strange trip it’s been. Here’s to many years of good times. Much love to you, JJ!


Simmer (Member #508) Happy Birthday Mo! <3 I helped out here and there, scrubbing walls and furniture (burniture?) scraping paint and patching cracks, bringing food, herding cats…


Ben (Collaborator) I informed musicians how the staff is courteous friendly and open to entertainment. My vision was to put MorrisBurner Hotel as a premier local & regional Venue to compete within the 4th street district area beginning with fundraiser events. I have not given up just redirecting my strategy.


Joy (Pre-dates db) I may have also cooked a meal or two there


Gadget (Member #507) Wow… Cameras install, built first stage, misc. Plumbing DEA operations lead, made the “on air” sign in the basement, several odd jobs… Can’t remember everything, but had many good times!!!


C-Chelle (Member #458) Happi BiRthdaY MoRRiS¡¡¡¡


Wayne (Member #412) The place really looked spectacular last night, creativity everywhere; Kilbucks additions really took it to another level. Congrats and hope alls well behind the scenes!


Gordy (Member #896) I stopped by just to say “Hi” and was promptly issued a Haz-Mat suit and a respirator . Y’all sure know just how to make a Fellow feel welcome….Been a member ever since…


Yinsane (Member #45) I’ve cleaned-up, ripped up. stirred up, and painted up. I’ve wired up, dressed up, and globally talked up. I’ve pounded nails, pounded keyboards, pounded the streets, and I’ve pounded a few drinks. I’ve made art, I’ve bought art, I’ve facilitated art, and I’ve brought art. I’ve taught and I have learned. I’ve had enough, and I have yearned. I’ve left and I have returned. But, through each of those moments, I realize that I am part of something bigger than myself, and it makes me glad every single time. Because most of all, I’ve made some friends, I’ve helped some people directly and indirectly. And I have been helped directly and indirectly. And I value these connections, even the hard ones.


Kiwi (Member #12) Every one that ever stepped inside the Morris has contributed…..


Yinsane (Member #45) This building is beautiful and strong. But, without the people, well…it’s just a pile of bricks.


Kiwi (Member #12) too true buddy


Sonya (Member #1649 ) Happy Birthday to my ‘Mo! My 2nd home in Reno I’ve hung some wallpaper, painted & stained some walls, I have cooked, cleaned and danced. I have been loved, appreciated and welcomed. Thank you to Michael Sane; it would not have been possible without your introduction to this home, and to this wonderful little city. Thank you to Jim for you opening your doors to this little traveling Kiwi. Arohanui!


Cedi (Member #7 and geek extraordinaire) Huffed a lot of paint for the greater good. A few other things here and there.


Gemini (Member #17) Soooo many memories, already. I’ve counted, painted, been painted, and written. I’ve cleaned, I’ve scrubbed, I’ve cooked and good goddess have I made some of the most amazing memories. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve thrown my hands up at the sheer absurdity of what we are attempting. I’ve met some of the most amazing people, formed some of the most awesome friendships, and made some of the deepest and most meaningful connections of my life. I’ve rangered and I’ve been rangered. I am proud and humbled every day that I get to participate in this grand experiment. Most of all, I am grateful that I was in the right place at the right time and continue to rest my heart and spend my time there. I believe we are so blessed to be a part of this constantly evolving entity that has its own life force and energy. Can’t wait to see where it goes next! It would not be what it is without the contributions of so many beautiful people….


Troy (Member #256) I miss that place. I wish I lived a little closer.


Cristah Hays (Member #631) Helping Feeding the homeless. Vacuuming the rooms. Uh……fun!!!


Cindy (Member #106 and Artist for the Desert Room) It was pure joy on my part to take part as an artist to paint the desert room. My ceramic mosaic of Saline Valley needed a home and it found it at the Morris!


Sweet T (Member #46) First day of business, I met with Jim, Bobby (hotel manager) and the owner to go over how they did the books back then. Super simple at that point, so I figured hell yeah, I can do this! It went from guests hand signing cards and checking in to what we have now in Resnexus. I’ve paid many bills and fees for licensing doing my best to keep us all afloat with electricity and heating oil, phones and staying legal regarding quarterly and monthly taxes. I have pulled out hair and grown it back, cried but laughed until my belly ached. I love this damn place and especially all of those who have grown with me here. Thank you Jim and crew, thank you for letting me be a part of the history we’ve all made.


Michelle (Member #454) You guys have all created something so magical here. The camaraderie of this place is amazing. I love that I can walk in here, and feel so special. The love that you all exude is mind blowing. Keep up the good fight, and cheers to many, many more years to come! Xoxo



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