What an awesome Burn and Home Burn!

What an awesome Burn and Home Burn!

*WHEW* What a wild ride this last burn was!

Our Home Burn Super Squad made many trips to the airport this year, where they encountered wayward travelers like these three:

Photo by Geoff McFarland, posted to Morris Chat Facebook Group 8-31

We had a blast at the Mo, and hope you all had a blast also, whether you made it to the playa, came to the Mo for Home Burn, or some combination of the two.                                                                                         We made our own “dude”:

Photo by Jadestone

Then we made him small and burned him, with the burn in Black Rock City behind on the Big Screen:

Photo by Starla

We also had our very own Temple:


That was likewise burned:


We got some news coverage:


And then everyone came home and we started Decompressing!

Thanks, Burner Community, for making this a memorable and fun year at the Morris!


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