It’s been awhile….

It’s been awhile….

This isn’t meant to intimate that things haven’t been happening at the Morris! To the contrary, we are always so busy doing all the things, we have a harder time documenting all the things. As we near the end of March, 2017, this month we said goodbye to what was an interesting time at the Morris.

In November, 2016, we were approached by some brave students coming to America, Reno specifically, for an intensive English language program through their University from Chile’. They wanted to stay with us, and after explaining who we were and what our processes were, they still wanted to join us! We sent them the 10 principles, directed them to Burning Man’s website so they could learn a bit about it, and entered into the fray. They arrived mid-December, and this was taken shortly after their arrival:


The next three months FLEW by! They got jobs, they integrated into our culture, they asked us to speak English with them, and we asked them to help us with Spanish. There were learning curves, hilarity, misunderstanding and crossing the cultural divide. Signs were translated, the holidays came and went and before we knew it, it seemed like we were talking about it being time for them to leave! Just like that. We couldn’t not appreciate the contribution they made to the Morris. Many of them really “got” what it was to be a “Burner” and some of them want to come back to attend Burning Man!

Shortly before they scattered to the winds, we had a small gathering for them, to appreciate them, and to give them small gifts for staying with us. They also gave gifts to those who they connected with, and brought some amazing Chilean wine and liquor, and they had previously shared their food with us, delicious! All of it! Here’s a picture from that night:


A little more blurry, but many of us feel we’ve made lifelong friends. We wish our Chilean friends safe travels and hope they will come back and visit us!

There will be more updates, but wanted to talk about the Chileans first.

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