Busy, Busy, Busy, ALREADY!

Busy, Busy, Busy, ALREADY!

Hi Everyone,


So sorry it’s been awhile since we’ve had an update! SO MUCH has happened recently! As is always the case at the Morris, we’ve had some amazing souls come and go in recent months, and transitions are always inevitable and sometimes hard. Our fourth birthday passed with somewhat of a whimper. We realized the week after, with that awkward “4th of July in the middle of the week” thing, and realized we’d missed the opportunity. The Morris turned 4, and we are still working hard and existing and doing awesome stuff.


One of the most exciting pieces of news we have is that starting June 1, we made the transition to HostelSnap, which is a new reservations system designed by a hostel owner FOR HOSTELS! What a concept! If you have a hostel, these folks are top notch and seeing the amazing intelligent design that went in to this system is heartening. Darren Overby and the crew at Hostel Snap have continued to give us excellent support and we enjoy working with them very much. It’s been a learning curve, but this has also allowed us to hook to other leading reservation sites, we started with HostelWorld and their affiliates and we have seen a marked increase in reservations. If you want to stay anywhere near around the time of Burning Man, book now! For those who know how affiliate sites and such work, booking direct is always going to be your best option for avoiding additional fees.


We have a new art room. Called “Abducted?!” currently, we may change the name at some point, but this is a dark and interesting room. Painted black with an artistic “Alien” theme, Madalyn Magrath is the artist and this room has a lot of glowy surprise when the black lights are turned on. Check out the room when you can, here’s a small collage:


We are busy working on our “Burn Month” calendar, we’ve now had our newsletter up and running for more than a year again, and we are hurtling towards playa time at mach 10!


We changed the final amount on our fundraiser to $10,000. We really do need closer to the $100,000, but we’ve learned a ton from running our first funding campaign, and will make another if we need to. We’ve raised over $7,200, need to get to 10 to round this one out, and are continuing to work with city officials and local consultants to figure out what next steps for the Morris are. What we’ve learned? We’ve learned that not having a bar hasn’t been such a bad thing. We’ve learned that maybe there are other ways we can use our space that would be more community and art minded and still maximize our return. We haven’t made any firm decisions yet, stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we know =)


Our garden is growing so amazingly well! By far our best year yet! It’s been adopted by one of our new folks, her name is Paisly and she’s amazing. Green thumb doesn’t even begin to describe her shining soul. Here are some pictures of how our garden grows. Consider stopping by, and we will consider a harvest-focused member meal or community event!




As mentioned of Facebook, we are truly resting on the shoulders of giants. None of this would be possible without those who came before us. Previous garden tenders Vision and Cori, Jadestone, Jennofire, and many others who watered, wormed, composted and laid the groundwork for us to have this bounty, thank you!


That’s about it for now. We have had someone volunteer to come on and write blog posts, hopefully you’ll be hearing from her soon….until then, wait with antici……pation!


~Gemini Out

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