Home Burn, 2017!

Home Burn, 2017!

Wow, did we have a great Home Burn!
This year, we broke all records when it came to how many awesome international and national folks we hosted, how happy they were, what we were able to do, and how it all happened. We have such an amazing crew, I can’t express enough how hard these folks worked, many of them volunteers, to make our Home Burn an amazing experience for everyone that passed through the hostel this season:

This year’s crew, from back left was: Bill, Robert, Jojo, Garrett, Trent, Kat, Drew, (2nd row) Ariel, Anissa, Genesis, Morgan, Henry and Adam.
This doesn’t count the hundreds of people who came through and pitched in or helped as they could. We are grateful for everyone that visited us this year.
We had our own effigy:

When experiencing an urban burn, you have to work with what you can, to make it all legit =) It was still an awesome and meaningful burn! We even watched the one from BRC from our back yard!
Obligatory fire pic:

We did a Temple Burn, also. We said goodbye or gave honor to departed friends, expressed things we wanted to get rid of or release:

And in a stunning feat of bi-location this year, the Morris represented in Black Rock City also, having a theme camp and martini bar:

We try hard to keep up on everything, but there’s always so much happening, we’d much rather be LIVING THIS LIFE than recording it! We are trying, and we are trying to get better. What I know without a doubt is that the Morris is an amazing place that is fulfilling it’s desire to continue spreading, teaching and embodying Burning Man ethos, giving people a place to call their “home away from ‘home'”. We’re keeping on, keeping on =)

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