Meet Mr. Kite….

Meet Mr. Kite….

Gemini shared this on Facebook this morning. Here’s the story:
Inspired by the Beatles tune, he will be watching over the back gate at the Mo in the near future….

Here’s a cool story to go with it. A year ago, I was at the Mo, we were making community,Thanksgiving, when a group of people knocked on the front door of the Morris, which is not unusual at all. A band of three weary travelers said they had been stranded in our fair city by virtue of some VW bus mechanical trouble, had been camping out of their van in the lot of the repair place, and had ventured walking around our city to see what they could see. They walked by, it looked cool, and they decided to see what was up. Thus, we met Kim Hertzog and RenDi Young….

We gave them a tour, fed them Thanksgiving dinner, and then I drove them to get some stuff out of their van, and we got them a room for a few nights so they wouldn’t have to stay in the van. While we were running around, I got a call from my daughter, Brianna Starry, telling me she thought it was time to have her baby! We hurried with the errands, dropped everyone off, I rushed to the hospital and a year later, we just celebrated Ms. Aurora’s first birthday.

This last past Saturday, I arrive at the Mo, and there, sitting in a chair in the lobby, is Rendi! I say, “Hey, I know you!” We hug, I thank him for coming back and marvel that he’s with us for Thanksgiving again! We chat, and later I discover that he is creating Mr. Kite for the Morris! We had briefly chatted about his “project”, but it was so cool, I was sure it was a commission for someone. It is….us! When I went to talk to him about it last night, I showed him a picture of a local Pirate that looked not unlike Mr. Kite and he said, “A lot of people are getting Pirate out of this guy. My ACTUAL inspiration, I was thinking as I’m painting…you know that Beatles song, ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’ ‘And of course, Henry the Horse dances the waltz’ seemed cool to have him watching over the back gate of the Morris”. Beautiful people, connections that span the years, awesome art….so many of my favorite things and all at the Mo! Thank you, Rendi, stuff like this makes it all worth it!

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