Let’s take a trip in the way back machine….

Let’s take a trip in the way back machine….

We were cleaning house recently, which happens when you get gifted all manner of awesomeness from your community. From our Facebook page, Madalyn, who’s been working with us a few months now, posted this:



and said, “Dusting off this incredible easel in the basement and getting it ready to assist in future Morris art! But for now, it will display some past Morris art!” I saw Mr. Cluck, and was immediately taken back to his story.


In 2016, a really cool event happened, it turns out, only one time, let’s hope it comes back! It was a Steampunk Expo, and it was held at the Nugget. Some very creative artists, one of whom was Killbuck, made a “Steampunk Shooting Gallery”. Much money, time and effort went in to creating this amazing art piece. After the Expo, to avoid outright destroying the awesome pieces, they were donated to the Morris. Here’s what they looked like when originally displayed:


Photo by Dana Lee Fruend


That Spring of 2017, we used them for at least one party, and kept them around as long as it was feasible to do so and enjoyed the heck out of them. Sadly, time was not kind to the pieces, and we committed to recycling what we could, enjoyed them while we were able, and they have now gone to that great art pile in the sky.


If you’d like to see great photos from that Steampunk event, Check out this Gallery:https://www.facebook.com/dlfruend/media_set?set=a.10206238468426974.1073741853.1423091375&type=3 All Photos by Dana Lee Fruend, and man, what a great time that was! The attached photo is the art piece, encased in it’s parlor game. Enjoy!


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