Announcing: Tiles and Smiles! A FUNdraiser…..READ TO GET A TILE!

Announcing: Tiles and Smiles! A FUNdraiser…..READ TO GET A TILE!


A FUN-D- Raiser for the Morris! An amazing activity and fundraiser for Summer of 2018!


Please select a decoration date (all are Sundays):

Okay, so, we have assembled FOUR DATES where folks can come and decorate their tiles. If you want to support the Morris, but don’t care about decorating a tile, select that option, and we will have someone else decorate your tile for you =)

Most folks are aware of the recent attack and window smashing at the hostel, unfortunately it highlights a problem that we have had for quite some time. Most, if not all, of our large pane windows have been broken over time and it is extremely expensive to keep replacing them, especially the super large ones. You might have noticed we have decided to board up and create murals on several of them in the Steampunk Lounge and the Ballroom.


We also replaced the front facing broken windows of the lobby with plywood after more vandalism about a year ago. With the cost of other pressing projects like the interior fire sprinklers weighing more heavily on us, we figured we could wait and replace those windows later. BUT a better idea came along and we can’t wait to share it with you!


The attack last month highlighted how expensive it is to keep exposing such a large part of the front of the building with very breakable glass. Fortunately, we have generous and loving community members who have stepped up and covered the cost of replacing those lobby windows. We are so grateful and humbled by that gift, but we know not everybody can step up in such a huge way.


So, instead of replacing the large boarded up lobby windows with glass, we want to have a TILE MOSAIC installed, and we want YOU to create the tiles! We will be offering everyone a chance to sponsor and decorate a tile for outside of the front lobby walls. Not only will this eliminate the future glass replacement, but it is designated to help us cover the cost of the fire sprinkler installation so we can start having parties again in the Steampunk lounge! Below is a sample of what these tiles COULD look like:



Well, we had our first tile cutting opportunity last night. It was SO FUN!! Here’s another sample:


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