Updates, updates, everywhere updates…..

Updates, updates, everywhere updates…..

Hi Everyone!

Photo by Elvis

Gemini here, your intrepid Morris helper. We’ve been in existence for five years now! Holy moly, what a ride! I can absolutely say that life at the Morris Burner Hostel is never dull.

When working with the Morris, I find it’s always a really bad idea to say “this is the ______ we’ve ever experienced!” The universe has a way of stepping back, pondering, and saying “Hold my beer” and then showing us that as much as we think we live in extremes, there’s a lot more in any direction that things, situations, people and projects can go.

2018 was a very interesting year for the Morris. It started off on a high note with our first experiment in having fully paid lobby staff continuing after starting in October 2017. We feel this is a more sustainable model and will continue this way, as it seems the most fair to all and carries more accountability, which is very much needed in any business.

Our staff has changed somewhat between the first and second halves of the year. We said good-bye to Ariel in June and Anissa in September as lobby staff. We welcomed back Elvis (who took a hiatus when we couldn’t do events but he stepped right back in to help the hostel when it was needed) as a manager, and Paint Chip has remained true and awesome on Lobby. We’ve gained Mark, who has great experience and contributes positively to the vibe, as well as Siren (Cassey) who lived with us a couple years ago and came back to be a part of the awesome!

Amy Phoenix Rising took this pic before everyone headed out on NYE

On the far left is Elvis, then Lukas, Siren, Elvis’ Kat, Chriselle, and Mark. Lukas helps out around the place and is staying for a bit over the Winter, and Chriselle is helping with our healing arts and other exciting stuff that is happening.

Stay tuned for exciting things at the Morris, we’re still here, we’re still weird, and just keep getting weirder! We just solidified a tremendous new partnership and can’t wait to let everyone know!

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