Reno Punk Rock Flea Market!

Reno Punk Rock Flea Market!

We are super excited to have formed a partnership with the Generator to paricipate in this amazing event!


This will be it’s second year, and from all accounts, last year was incredible!


Check out their website here:


The event was amazing. Gemini caught it on Saturday and the variety and breadth of all the things that were there were SO COOL!! Reno really has it going on, for reals.


A special shout out to the Reno As Fuck folks, who we saw there and got to catch up, as we worked with them before!


Check them out, if you can.


This holds a special place in Gemini’s heart. Being a Reno native, with all this tech stuff, growth, diversification, gentrification and probably a few other -ications I haven’t thought of, those of us who’ve always enjoyed the gritty and dirty of Reno have been slightly offended. That’s why places like Reno As Fuck are important….remember your roots, Reno…you’ll always be dirty to those who love you! =P


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