Burn Season Stay FAQ…..

Burn Season Stay FAQ…..

 Home Burn CRAZY, 2017! Photo by Kat Savage

And now, kiddies, let’s list some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that occur when the Morris welcomes the world through our doors prior to Burning Man! We will generally help you in whatever way we can, but have had to set some limits based on our own space limitations. Thanks for understanding and here are answers to some common BURN SEASON questions:

  • May we have our groceries/blinkies/awesome fur thing delivered to the Morris?!
    • No. With thousands of people coming through, we do not have the capacity, bandwidth, secured space, or staff to facilitate this. Please make arrangements prior to arriving at the hostel to have everything you need for the burn. Items received that we do not have a reservation for on the shipping label will be returned to sender. Thanks for understanding…
  • Do you offer ride share during Burn Season?!
    • YES! Whiles WE do not specifically offer ride share, many, many, many local Reno Burners or others coming through on their way to the playa will stop by the Mo during Burn season, pop their heads in the door, and/or post on the “Morris Chat” page saying things like “Headed to playa in 2 hours, room for one with moderate amount of gear!” Click this link to find our group: Morris Chat Facebook Group
  • May I park my car at the Morris during the Burn?
    • No. We have VERY limited parking capacity at the Morris, and it is reserved for staff and current hostel guests only. If we allowed that, there would be no room for people with all the stuff!
  • Is there a possibility I could score a ticket to BM at the Morris if I don’t have one yet?!
    • YES! We have many, many, many people come through and who now know about us. We have helped many Burners find their way “home” while coming through the Morris. Angels appear everywhere! There aren’t too many people who’ve come through and NOT been able to find their way to the playa. That said, scams also happen. We haven’t overly been the victim of these situations, and offer no guarantees for people who offer tickets, and we have certainly seen the sadness of those who were duped, but we will certainly help where we can. We are merely a centrally located space where exchanges can occur.
  • May I leave just one bag at the Morris until I get back from the Burn?
    • No. See above about lack of bandwidth, secure space or staff to facilitate this.
  • Any chance someone could help me get supplies and stuff prior to the Burn? I just flew into Reno!
    • YES! We appreciate “radical self reliance” as much as the next person. That said, we realize it’s hard if you are flying in to the Burn or taking the Burner Express. If you stay at the Morris, or even if you don’t, people often stop by and say “Hey! Going to Junkees, anyone need to go?!?” We want to help you be self-reliant on the playa, so we will help you where we can in Reno! This is also a great time to mention…if you have a MORRIS MEMBERSHIP, you can receive a 5-15% discount at local, Burner run businesses. Many of our local, Burner owned businesses are listed on our “Resources” page.
  • I bought this cool tent or have this non-perishable food left over, or I bought a bike for the burn and didn’t want to leave it on playa. Can I donate it to you, or will you take it?
    • It depends. We often take some stuff and redistribute in our outreach with the Homeless. Please ask staff, as we want to be a resource for this, but have limited capacity. When in doubt, ask…we will take it if we can.
  • I know I didn’t contact you before hand, but we are building this cool thing, may we finish our build at the Morris?
    • If you have not contacted us to get approval beforehand, we likely cannot accommodate you. If you would like to write to see if we still have time and space for this, please email info (at) mymbh (dot) com. No new accommodations will be made after August 1st for that Burn year (currently 2018 burn).

Thanks for understanding and we can’t wait to see you!!

~The Morris Crew )'(

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