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Room 214 – R-L | Renoverse

Designed By: Dave Cherry



  • Twin Beds (2)


  • Community Bathroom
  • Shared Room

Renoverse is a mural-intensive wonderland created by Dave Cherry. On the West wall is a fun and quirky “classic Reno” portrait of down town Reno, with some fun humor thrown in. Then we have our big, wide world, on the East wall is a gorgeous rain forest scene, and on the South wall is the Morris fish tank, because those are the only fish we could manage to keep alive. R.I.P Larry, you were an awesome fish!


By booking direct with the Morris, the rates for this room are $30 Sun-Thurs, $35 Fri-Sat. These rates are PER BED.


*This is a shared room with a bunk bed.* Reserve this room as a “2 Bed Room” in our reservation system and mention in the notes if you would like this particular room. Each bed is rented individually and male/female CAN be paired together. Because these are single beds, guests who rent these rooms cannot have guests stay in the same bed. Please put reservation notes for us if this is an issue when booking. We will accommodate you if we can.


Dave Cherry is a talented local artist, musician and all-around good guy. He’s one of those guys who’s art work can be found through out the Morris. That giant mural of the Temple in the lobby? Yeah, that is Dave’s too. It took him almost a full year to paint the murals in Renoverse, and we love him for it, thanks Dave! He also plays a mean saxophone and has a few groups around town.


Updated 8/16/18

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