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Room 201 | The Cuban Coffee Parlor

Designed By: Nicole "Java" Seaton




This cozy hang-out space on the 2nd floor can be a reading room, place to play board games, refill water, or have a nice cup of tea. The black, white, and red juxtaposition of concepts will appeal to those with sophisticated and edgy tastes alike! Please enjoy complimentary coffee or tea here.


Nicole “Java” Seaton is an amazing Reno glass blower/artist who makes beautiful artistic glass work and beads. Her playa name “Java Goddess” came from working many years as a barrista, both locally at Reno’s first “gourmet” coffee shop, “Duex Gros Nez” and at Center Camp on the playa. She can occasionally be found at the Melting Pot World Emporium blowing glass, and makes a very special “Man” bead that cannot be bought, it must be gifted. Nicole is an inspiring human and worshipper of the sacred bean.


Updated 3/30/18



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