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Room 202 | DaVinci's Workshop

Designed By: Jonah Martin Lion and Yaasika Qupid


  • Artist Space



  • Community Bathroom
  • Private Room

In homage to the 2016 Burning Man theme, DaVinci’s Workshop provides inspiration by the Master for visitors to be inspired to create, continue, or seek inspiration for their own creativity! This room can be rented along with any lodging room at the Morris for dedicated artistic pursuit, or rented for dedicate, private studio space if one needs to complete a project. It features an artist’s easel, small sitting area, and an excellent view with the Morris neon that bathes the room in a warm glow. If it is not rented for dedicated use, it will be open, please walk down the hall and take a look at this beautiful room. It was just completed in May, 2016 by Jonah Martin Lion and Yaasika Qupid. DaVinci’s workshop is an amazing testament to the creativity of our commUNITY


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