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Room 204 – A-B | Purple RainBowie Room

Designed By: Jonah Martin Lion, Yaasika Qupid, and Bruce Lee Phunzjyn



  • Twin Bunk


  • Community Bathroom
  • Shared Room

The Purple Rain Bowie Room is truly unique and inspired by the loss of two icons of modern American Music during the early part of 2016, this room is infused with the beauty of Royal Purple and Sacred Geometry pieces and an incredible abstract dragon on the far wall, done by Phunzjyn. Perhaps the coolest thing about the Purple Rain Bowie room is the love and positive energy with which it was infused during creation! The glow of the neon into this room creates a unique and one-of-a-kind lodging experience. The view of downtown Reno doesn’t hurt, either.


By booking direct with the Morris, the rates for this room are $30 Sun-Thurs, $35 Fri-Sat. These rates are PER BED.


*This is a shared room with a bunk bed.* Reserve this room as a “2 Bed Room” in our reservation system and mention in the notes if you would like this particular room. Each bed is rented individually and male/female CAN be paired together. Because these are single beds, guests who rent these rooms cannot have guests stay in the same bed. Please put reservation notes for us if this is an issue when booking. We will accommodate you if we can.


Updated 8/16/18

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