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Room 210 – B | Down the Rabbit Hole Room - Bottom Bunk

Designed By: Kernel Killbuck



  • Twin Bunk


  • Community Bathroom
  • Shared Room

This room is a conceptual idea relating the mysterious realm of Quantum Physics through the analogies of Alice in Wonderland. Physicists often resort to quirky comparisons between wonderland and the seemingly impossible things that happen in the microscopic universe. Elements allude to quantum entanglement, black holes, and other mysteries. The room uses a simple color scheme of black and white with touches of red. A full room spiral pattern of black and white is only fully visible seen from the perspective of the doorway; and once inside, the spiral no longer holds together. This is much like the event horizon of a black hole, where everything that is “normal” in the laws of nature breakdown; matter, light, energy descend into the ultimate rabbit hole of absurdity. Interesting elements are hidden here and there, inviting guests to explore and engage.

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