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Room 216 | The Kitty Kat Playground

Designed By: Justin Vallee



  • Full Bed


  • Community Bathroom
  • Private Room

Get your minds out of the gutter, Burners! It could also be called…the Crazy Cat Lady Immersion Chamber? Abstract? At the start, it looks a little random, but look at the hidden treasures this room has to offer with a playful feline motif. This room, completed in July of 2016, was thought, conceived and completed by artist Justin Vallee. Meow.


By booking direct with the Morris, the rates for this room are $40 Sun-Thurs, $45 Fri-Sat.


*This is a private art room.* Reserve this room as a “Private Art Room” in our reservation system and mention in the notes if you would like this particular room. Each room of this type is allowed ONE GUEST. We will accommodate any special requests if we can.


Updated 8/16/18

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