• The Temple Suite

  • The Temple Suite

  • Reflections

  • Room 4 Hope

Room 223 | The Temple Suite

Designed By: The 420 Valley Artist Group


  • Closets
  • Private Bathtub/Shower


  • Queen Bed


  • Private Room

The Temple Suite is a two-for one–not only a dazzling legion of vibrant colours and cosmic abstractions, but a direct reference to Burning Man’s 2011 Temple–the Temple of Transition–a project near and dear to the hearts of many burners, whether they were involved in its construction or not. A reminder of your presence on this pale blue dot in the immense vastness of our universe, the nebula-laden walls develop into distinct geometry and back, while mirrors converge towards you, allowing you to view the progress of your own metamorphosis.


By booking direct with the Morris, the rates for this room are $60 Sun-Thurs, $65 Fri-Sat.


*This is an En Suite art room.* Reserve this room as a “En Suite Art Room” in our reservation system and mention in the notes if you would like this particular room. Each room of this type is allowed ONE GUEST. We will accommodate any special requests if we can.


Updated 8/16/18


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