Room 322 | Brookyln

Designed By: Brooklyn Crew

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We’d like to do more with this room. We had an amazing group of artists come through on their way to the Burn for 2017, and they were determined to complete this room in 24 hours! They came darn close, and it’s a super cool room with the city-scape of Brooklyn around it….and it could use a little bit more =) Maybe we can hold a contest and have people send us their favorite stuff from Brooklyn, to finish out this room? What do you think?!? Let us know!


By booking direct with the Morris, the rates for this room are $40 Sun-Thurs, $45 Fri-Sat.


*This is a private art room.* Reserve this room as a “Private Art Room” in our reservation system and mention in the notes if you would like this particular room. Each room of this type is allowed ONE GUEST. We will accommodate any special requests if we can.


Updated 8/16/18


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