Burner Resources

Hi Burners!

We are SO lucky! So very many of you have to travel from all over the world to come “home” to Black Rock City, and we live, almost literally, in the back yard of Burning Man! What that means is that many of you come here, to our default world home, to prepare for your sojourns to the Playa. Being the neighborly folks we are, we thought it would be awesome to help all ya’all out by providing a page with some of the resources that might be helpful to you and to introduce you to local businesses that cater to Burner’s, but also have to keep going the other 50 weeks of the year. We encourage anyone visiting Reno to visit and patronize these locally owned businesses where possible.

You won’t find links to Wal-Mart on our page, sorry….you can Google that shit, we want to help our friends, family, and neighbors exist and believe strongly in the “Buy Local” vibe that’s been lost in so much of our country.

Affiliate Membership Program

As they say, “Membership has its privileges!” Becoming a member of the Morris Burner Hostel is great! We’ve partnered with many of the local businesses listed below to offer discounts to those who become members of the Morris. Those businesses that are highlighted purple, if you go to them and show your Morris member badge, you will receive a discount on your purchase! More details about this program to come, but we are super excited about this, and can’t wait to grow our program!