Burn Season Stay FAQ…..

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We should totally document all the cool shit we do at the Morris. Trying to get better at that. It will be here, and tagged here.

Burn Season Stay FAQ…..

And now, kiddies, let’s list some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that occur when the Morris welcomes the world through our doors prior to Burning Man! We will generally help you in whatever way we can, but have had to set some limits based on our own space limitations. Thanks for understanding and here are answers to… Continue Reading

We love our guests!

  Recently, I (Gemini) was walking through the lobby, and happened to notice this gem of a note at the front desk. I didn’t get to meet Glen, but wish I had. It’s stuff like this that makes me know what we are doing is awesome, and that people notice and appreciate it. We are… Continue Reading

Let’s take a trip in the way back machine….

We were cleaning house recently, which happens when you get gifted all manner of awesomeness from your community. From our Facebook page, Madalyn, who’s been working with us a few months now, posted this:     and said, “Dusting off this incredible easel in the basement and getting it ready to assist in future Morris… Continue Reading

Meet Mr. Kite….

Gemini shared this on Facebook this morning. Here’s the story:   Inspired by the Beatles tune, he will be watching over the back gate at the Mo in the near future….   Here’s a cool story to go with it. A year ago, I was at the Mo, we were making community,Thanksgiving, when a group… Continue Reading

Home Burn, 2017!

Wow, did we have a great Home Burn!   This year, we broke all records when it came to how many awesome international and national folks we hosted, how happy they were, what we were able to do, and how it all happened. We have such an amazing crew, I can’t express enough how hard… Continue Reading


Here’s an amazing odyssey through the video history of the Morris! Much thanks to Stewart and LoadedTV for much of this documentation Channel 2 Newscast 9/2/16 KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe Sparks News, Weather, Video Posted 9/26/14 Posted 3/10/14 Posted 9/29/13 Continue Reading

The Morris Turned 3 on June 30!

…and we had a party…like ya do. After the party, we wanted to share with you, JJ posted the following post, and got these responses to his post:   What a great party we had. Three years, can you believe it!! is always fun to reflect back and remember what a disaster this place was,… Continue Reading