The Morris Teaching Garden!

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Telling our stories and what we do is how we build community and make folks want to be a part of something larger than themselves.

The Morris Teaching Garden!

So, oh, my. We did a thing =) We so, so, so love being a part of this burnerverse, and always look for ways to participate. One of the things that’s gone on the past five years or so, is a “Multi-Regional Summit” that has had programming, camping and fun stuff on a camping weekend… Continue Reading

Reno Punk Rock Flea Market!

We are super excited to have formed a partnership with the Generator to paricipate in this amazing event!   This will be it’s second year, and from all accounts, last year was incredible!   Check out their website here:   The event was amazing. Gemini caught it on Saturday and the variety and breadth… Continue Reading

Updates, updates, everywhere updates…..

Hi Everyone! Gemini here, your intrepid Morris helper. We’ve been in existence for five years now! Holy moly, what a ride! I can absolutely say that life at the Morris Burner Hostel is never dull. When working with the Morris, I find it’s always a really bad idea to say “this is the ______ we’ve… Continue Reading

We love our guests!

  Recently, I (Gemini) was walking through the lobby, and happened to notice this gem of a note at the front desk. I didn’t get to meet Glen, but wish I had. It’s stuff like this that makes me know what we are doing is awesome, and that people notice and appreciate it. We are… Continue Reading

Let’s take a trip in the way back machine….

We were cleaning house recently, which happens when you get gifted all manner of awesomeness from your community. From our Facebook page, Madalyn, who’s been working with us a few months now, posted this:     and said, “Dusting off this incredible easel in the basement and getting it ready to assist in future Morris… Continue Reading