It’s been awhile….

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Happenings. Sometimes when it happens, sometimes after the fact, generally stuff we’d like people to know =)

It’s been awhile….

This isn’t meant to intimate that things haven’t been happening at the Morris! To the contrary, we are always so busy doing all the things, we have a harder time documenting all the things. As we near the end of March, 2017, this month we said goodbye to what was an interesting time at the… Continue Reading

What an awesome Burn and Home Burn!

*WHEW* What a wild ride this last burn was! Our Home Burn Super Squad made many trips to the airport this year, where they encountered wayward travelers like these three: We had a blast at the Mo, and hope you all had a blast also, whether you made it to the playa, came to the… Continue Reading

2016 BURN MONTH!! Week one, down!

Oh man, are we having fun this year! Expect MORE MORE MORE! As we enter the second week of Burn Month, 2016, we have to say, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU, RENO and area burners?!? Last week we offered Easy Eating, Potpourri Passion, the Ten Principles, Gift Making, Tutu making, and FLOGGING! *Whew* This upcoming… Continue Reading

The Morris Turned 3 on June 30!

…and we had a party…like ya do. After the party, we wanted to share with you, JJ posted the following post, and got these responses to his post:   What a great party we had. Three years, can you believe it!! is always fun to reflect back and remember what a disaster this place was,… Continue Reading