The Morris Teaching Garden!

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Sometimes, folks write stuff about us and we get featured in cool and interesting ways. We will document that here.

The Morris Teaching Garden!

So, oh, my. We did a thing =) We so, so, so love being a part of this burnerverse, and always look for ways to participate. One of the things that’s gone on the past five years or so, is a “Multi-Regional Summit” that has had programming, camping and fun stuff on a camping weekend… Continue Reading

Burner Byway Road Trip!

  Here at the Morris, we were contacted awhile ago about a cool site that was writing a cool article about the road to Burning Man, and they wanted to mention us. Don’t have to ask us twice! Here it is, enjoy the read, and take the trip if you can!   Things… Continue Reading

Earth Day and recent updates, oh my!

Seriously, there are always SO MANY THINGS happening at the Morris on any given day, it’s hard to keep up with everything! What I know is that we are trying, ever-so-hard to keep up! News for the recent past includes: In ONE MONTH, our fabulous members, friends and community have helped us raise $5,630 towards… Continue Reading